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Water play activities to support learning

Offering water play in the classroom and outdoors provides an engaging way to introduce science and math concepts. It provides opportunities for problem-solving, creative thinking and practicing social skills and language development. As with any type of activity, offering variety can create renewed interest and support children’s learning. Here are ways to make the most


Tools to reduce preschool expulsions

Did you know that preschoolers are three times more likely to be expelled than children in kindergarten through 12th grade?  In many cases, preschoolers are suspended or expelled due to challenging behaviors that educators feel unequipped to handle. When faced with behavior challenges in your classroom or care group, it’s important to know you are

child eating

Nurturing a love of nutrition

From the hands-on examination and exploration of a watermelon, a pumpkin, corn on the cob, apples and applesauce, to color-themed food parties, children love to explore and discover different foods. Research shows that experiences like food tastings support an early understanding of nutritious foods. The more experiences young children have, the more likely they will

Find programs

Find early childhood programs in communities across Arizona

A new online tool can connect Arizona parents and families with a variety of no-cost early childhood programs to help them nurture their child’s learning and healthy development. First Things First supports programs across Arizona through grants to community organizations that provide services for young children from birth to age 5 (before kindergarten) and their