Participant Benefits

Participant Benefits

Getting Started.

Your journey toward quality starts with meeting your support team. To kick things off, you’ll be paired with a coach and coordinator whose goal during this phase is to listen, learn and discover what makes your program unique. We can find program areas that are performing exceptionally well and discover areas that need extra support.

In your first meetings, we’ll focus on building relationships with you, learning your mission and ours, exploring what motivates you and clarifying roles and expectations. This allows us to map out what quality will look like for your program.

From there, you’ll look at all the support services Quality First offers based on the needs of your program. Of course, we’ll work together on your goals as you advance and maintain quality care.

This animation shows how Quality First resources can be customized to fit your needs, goals and desired outcomes from the coaching process. Learn more about how these resources can make a positive impact to your program below.

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Receive support from a team of experts in early childhood development

Although each child care program that participates in Quality First has a unique plan, you are committed to helping the kids you work with be ready for kindergarten. As a regulated child care center, home or preschool program, the support you receive falls into one (or more) of the following five categories:


You’ll be partnered with a coordinator and a coach who will be with you every step of the way. You’ll receive orientation, onboarding and participation support from a Quality First Coordinator.

Your coach will partner with you in your quality improvement efforts. They will be a resource to offer advice and guidance, brainstorm ideas and help your staff build skills.


Your program will receive support from a child care health consultant, and you may have access to additional experts.


Quality First provides financial support to all enrolled centers and homes. How you use your funding will depend on where you are in your quality improvement journey and your program’s specific needs and goals.


A highly trained Quality First assessor will visit your program to observe your daily routines. They will use valid and reliable assessment tools to evaluate your program. Approximately every two years, you will receive an assessment that gives you a clear picture of your program—what is great and opportunities to do even better.


Professional development is all about you and your career. It helps you become more confident, gain resources and skills to help you in your career and makes you more effective in helping kids succeed in school and life.

Watch this quick orientation video to learn more about the process.


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