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Fun with food: How child care providers can help children build positive relationships with food

As a child care provider, you can help children create positive relationships with food during snacks and mealtimes. Thanks to the Arizona Early Childhood Nutrition team, funded by First Things First, you now have resources to help. This team is a collaboration between First Things First, AZ Health Zone, the Arizona Department of Education, Empower

Child Care Provider Appreciation: 5 Ways to Say Thanks

Did you know Child Care Provider Appreciation Day is Friday, May 10, 2024? This national day is celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day, and is designed to recognize the early educators, family child care providers, and caregivers of young children.  As a program leader, how will you recognize the early childhood providers, teachers, and staff

Honoring Extraordinary Staff: Tips from a Program Leader

Early childhood education leaders know how important staff recognition is to morale and retention. When teachers feel recognized, they may be more likely to stay in their jobs, making an even greater long-term impact on the children in their care. We recently caught up with Reem Kievit, the Director of Community Schools and Preschool Program

I am Moving, I am Learning: Partner with your child care health consultant to get kids actively learning today

A group of lively preschoolers dance and sway to music while waving brightly colored scarves.  For Andrea Williams and the children in her programs, it’s more than a fun way to get moving. It’s an intentional teaching practice. Andrea Williams is the early childhood coach for the Washington Elementary School District’s Kid Space Program, a

The Power of Positive Book Times: How Early Educators Can Spark a Love for Reading with Young Children

Whether you work with infants, toddlers or preschoolers, you have the power to share the joy of reading with the children in your care. This means more than having children’s books in your setting. Don’t get us wrong, having books is important, but how you use books makes a world of difference. Positive story times

Child-focused learning: following their lead to new adventures

As an early educator, you know young children are naturally curious about the world around them. As early educators, we can foster that curiosity and nurture a lifelong love for learning. Child-focused learning is all about noticing and following children’s interests in learning experiences. By noticing and following their interests, we can take advantage of

Toilet Learning in the Preschool Room: A Changing Table Story

Early educators understand that every child is unique and that development doesn’t adhere to a strict timetable. But there’s one developmental milestone that comes with a lot of expectations—learning to use the toilet. Families and caregivers alike often feel pressure for children to meet this milestone by their third birthday. The reality, as many early

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Books and Beyond

Books and Beyond: Infusing Creativity into Reading Experiences A blanket, a snack and a good book. Is there any better way to enjoy a nice day at the park? For Arielle Deloney and the families in her program, it’s not just a great way to spend the day. It’s an intentional literacy practice. Deloney is