Achieving Quality

Mid-Level Support

Achieving Quality

Programs that achieve a 3-star rating will be assigned to Achieving Quality. The goal of this level is to provide support to help participants keep advancing their quality practices.

Who Qualifies?
Participant programs with a 3-star rating
System of Support:
Child Care Health Consultation
Financial Incentives
Programs have access to a team of experts to support them along their quality journey. This team will learn about each individual program and work together to help them succeed.

Achieving Quality programs will receive regular, on-site coaching visits to support their improvement efforts. Coaches will help set goals and put plans into place to reach those goals. Participants at the Achieving Quality levels will continue to work with their coaches to create quality improvement plans.

30 hours annually
Available to all program types and capacity
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Child Care Health Consultation (CCHC)

Achieving Quality programs will receive ongoing support from a specially trained health professional. CCHCs provide recommendations and technical assistance in areas like nutrition, physical activity, disease prevention and more.

Health and Safety Assessment
Health and Safety Action Plan
9 hours of consultation quarterly (or 3 hours per month)
Depending on their regional area and the population, programs may also have access to additional specialists in the areas of early childhood mental health and inclusion for children with special needs.

Financial Incentives

Participants in the Achieving Quality level of support receive financial incentives annually, for up to two assessment cycles. Programs are able to make purchases for program quality improvements.

Spent through support of the coach
Based on program capacity and type
Program Capacity + Incentive Amount*

DES Family Home
(1-4 children)


DHS Group Home
(5-10 children)


Small center
(1-50 children)


Medium center
(51-150 children)


Large center
(151+ children)


*Up to two assessment cycles
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Approximately every two years, programs will receive an assessment and star rating. Assessment defines a clear picture of each program—what is great and opportunities to do even better.

On-site assessment tools used to measure quality care:

Environment Rating Scales (ERS)
Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS)
Written feedback reports to help set goals
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