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Help is Here: New System Supports for Arizona’s Early Childhood Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant losses and serious challenges to Arizona’s children and families. It also highlighted the needs of early childhood providers around the state. Fortunately, new funding made possible by federal and state investments are providing much-needed relief to support child care in our state. Supports include: Expansion of Quality First The budget


Supporting learning from a distance

Due to the onset of COVID-19, many early childhood education programs have shifted away from offering in-person activities to facilitating children’s learning from a distance, in the home setting. This change in services has created a multitude of difficulties and opportunities. Here are some ideas from two child care providers serving families in tribal and

Find programs

Find early childhood programs in communities across Arizona

A new online tool can connect Arizona parents and families with a variety of no-cost early childhood programs to help them nurture their child’s learning and healthy development. First Things First supports programs across Arizona through grants to community organizations that provide services for young children from birth to age 5 (before kindergarten) and their